Locally owned music business in Prince George, B.C. since 1983. Specializing in guitars, pianos, drums, PA systems, new and used vinyl, and minor repair on electronics. We also offer guitar and ukulele lessons. Fun and friendly environment with lots to see, come check us out today! Or feel free to give us a call or message if you have any questions.



At Electron we carry some of the best and most trusted brand names in the business. Quality is important, even in some of our lower priced instruments that are perfect for beginners or kids. We have a great selection with something for every playing style.

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Gibson EH-100 Amplifier

This is the first part of a series about a vintage Gibson amplifier we have in the store. Stay tuned for more about this amp!

Ed Ryan

Ed Ryan


"This place is the absolute best to buy any instrument. They are knowledgeable and extremely helpful, they don't hover over you trying to push a sale, they will sit and chat, are very friendly and always have great tunes playing in the background. I've been shopping here for years and couldn't imagine going to any other music shop. Thanks Mark and Trevor."