Standard String Change

Service includes:

  • Consult with customer and inspect guitar
  • Clean guitar
  • Oil fretboard
  • Polish Frets and Body
  • Tighten Machine heads, jack and volume/tone pots
  • Install new strings, tune and test

Guitar Setup

Services include:

  • Standard String Change
  • Check neck and adjust if necessary
  • Check bridge components and nut slots, Adjust/replace as necessary
  • Set string action/radius
  • Set intonation
  • Test guitar thoroughly
  • Consult further with customer if necessary


Give us a call at 250.564.9774, pop in for a visit or shoot us a message on Facebook and we would be happy to answer your questions.



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Dane A. Greenwell

Dane A. Greenwell


"Some of the best guys in town! Trevor and Mark, the owners, have always given me fair prices, quality products and good selection. Their humble demeanour and the fact that they are a local company (30+ years I believe) is a refreshing choice from the box stores and online instrument supply world."