Gibson EH-100 Amplifier
Jun 29, 2017

Gibson EH-100 Amplifier

The year was 1937, people believed the Great Depression was beginning to come to an end. Most North Americans were unaware of aggressions that were happening in Eastern Europe and Asia that would be the start of WWII. The Golden Gate Bridge opened, the Hindenburg went down and Amelia Earhart had disappeared.

Overshadowed that year, Gibson introduced a volume control to one of its most quintessential amplifiers of the time. That doesn’t sound like a very impressive achievement, but was still an important one. The EH-100 is a well-made, inexpensive, clean sounding amplifier. Due to lack of popularity it sold for only $55 or $100 with a Hawaiian Steel Lap Guitar. A small amp measuring a foot tall and fourteen inches across, it has a ten-inch hi-fidelity Utah electro-magnetic speaker. Most Gibson amplifiers of this time had similar power amp circuitry, but would constantly change. This EH-100 has five tubes, three stages of amplification and eight watts of power.

This particular Gibson EH-100 that we have on showcase at Electron was kindly given to us by, Robert Guay. Robert would play small shows in and around Prince George. Despite the fact the amplifier is eighty years old it is still in great shape. The leather handle is in amazing condition unlike most of the other ones you can view. The tan, pinstriped cloth is worn but has that unique vintage charm. Even though it lacks bass and treble controls which you can find on any modern amp, it still sounds great.

Although the EH-100 had an unpopular start it is now an iconic member of the Gibson family. Eighty years later, we know that it is a great quality amp that introduced control for musicians. This amplifier is a special vintage piece. Not only is it just for show, you can still plug in and really truly feel the classic sound that’s straight out of the 1930s.

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